We offer Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) on our distributed brands, these are powered by our preferred finance partners, details of which you can find below, if you have any questions please feel free to ask

PastPay General Terms and Condition

It is possible to pay for the purchased goods not immediately, but at a later date. We provide this with the help of an external financial partner, PastPay Europe Sp. z o.o. (PastPay) through its payment method called PastPay. In this case, if you select PastPay as the payment method on order and PastPay undertakes to finance the given transaction, PastPay will buy the invoice issued by the Service Provider to you, therefore it will purchase the Service Provider’s claim against you and pays the invoice value to the Service Provider instead of you. In such cases, the invoice issued by the Service Provider already contains the unique legal features of the scheme and all the necessary information.

It is IMPORTANT that after the assignment of the invoice, your payment obligation remains with PastPay, which can only be paid to the bank account number of PastPay indicated on the invoice. You must fulfill your payment obligation no later than the due date of the invoice, otherwise a flat rate of 40 euros will be charged. By using PastPay, you consent to the forwarding of your contact details (name, email address, phone number) to PastPay. This is primarily necessary so that we can send you the information and notifications necessary for the grant and the payment process. You can find PastPay’s Privacy Policy here. In the event that PastPay does not undertake to finance the given transaction, this payment method is not available – of course, you still have the option of making the purchase, please choose another payment method in such a scenario.’

What is Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy Now Pay Later, i.e. BNPL payment method: to make purchases and payments smoother for our customers, we are introducing the PastPay BNPL payment method. This allows you to continue placing your trade purchases with us, but only pay the invoice later, after 30 days. Therefore, you could potentially finance the invoice from the profit generated on the products purchased.

  • How does it work?
  1. 1. Place your order in the usual way, then request to pay with PastPay BNPL payment method and follow the steps.
    2. If our payment partner, PastPay, approves the transaction (which the system will show automatically and immediately), you can use the BNPL payment method.
    3. After you have successfully placed the order, we will deliver it to you as per usual, together with the invoice issued with a more extended payment terms, which must be paid NOT to our account number, but to PastPay’s bank account which will be included on your invoice.
  • Why is PastPay good for me as a business customer? The regular use of PastPay BNPL frees up liquid capital, which you can invest in the growth and development of your company in many ways, and your finances also become more predictable:
    • Because you can generate income from the purchased goods even before you pay for your purchase:
      • you have the option to purchase a larger quantity,
      • you can expand your product range. Since you have to pay for your purchase later, you have time to generate sales and profit with the help of the purchase,
      • it reduces the procurement and inventory risk,
      • you no longer have to worry about the limited stock of goods because you can easily purchase the necessary amount without running out of money. Therefore, you can satisfy the demand and you will not lose potential customers either.

Additional questions

  • On what basis does PastPay determine the limit? PastPay looks at your company’s legal and financial situation and sets a limit that your company can use for PastPay BNPL. It’s important to note that this limit is the global maximum where PastPay is available – the limit doesn’t apply to a single business, but the payment method usage by the corporate customer.
  • When paying with PastPay for the first time, you must go through an automated customer identification process, which you can complete independently and takes only a few minutes.
  • What is the fee for the BNPL payment method? The PastPay payment method is free of charge for our customers.
  • What happens if the value of my order exceeds the limit? If the amount of the purchase order exceeds your limit, the BNPL payment method will not be available for that given purchase.

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