The BÜSE brand is inextricably linked with the successes of the founder and owner Heino Büse, as one of the most successful German enduro riders of all time, Heino Büse quickly recognized the potential of the burgeoning motorcycle clothing industry.

The name Büse has developed a reputation for producing hard wearing and dependable motorcycle fashion. Although relatively new to the UK, Buse are one of the most popular brands in Germany and continue to grow every year, producing innovative motorcycle clothing to suit most riding styles across all climates.

As a result, Motorcyclists worldwide have been in love with the meticulously developed motorcycle clothing range from Büse for over 25 years. And it’s no wonder, because they can see all the experience of a racing legend is incorporated into the design of these beautifully crafted high-quality products.
The BÜSE philosophy is simple “Offer high quality, feature rich products at a fair price!

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